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The Qblocks detail drawings and symbol blocks have been created over a span of 20 years by many dedicated men and women. Each sharing the goal of creating quick and easy to use blocks to assist those in the design profession during their daily use of computer aided drafting and design.

Qblocks was first envisioned as "Detail Guy" after the Black Monday October 1987 stock collapse and the savings and loans collapse a few years later, to what was then known as "the S&L debacle". The need in the production room then was similar to that which it is now: Create custom one of a kind project drawings as efficiently as possible. In this environment then; the notion of "detail templates" was born.

In simple terms, the numerous notes, legends and details common to most projects were formatted into "static" paper or model space ready, insertable electronic drawings.

The Qblocks Library Standard then (as now) is based on 3 simple rules:

1 - Maintain standard text heights.
2 - Incorporate standard tags and fonts.
3 - Incorporate standard pen weights and pen colors.

The simple rules above allowed each person in the production room to express his or her own personal sense of "drafting style and expression" by providing a simple, yet powerful way to globally customize the end product plotted images.

We call it Drawing DNA

We think youll call it great!

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