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Description Size
cab001 Base Cabinet Section with Drawer 123.03 kb
cab002 Base Cabinet Section with no Drawers 93.06 kb
cab003 Vanity Section (Plastic Laminate Finish) 91.47 kb
cab004 Vanity Section (Solid Surface Material) 100.03 kb
cab005 Base and Upper Cabinet Section 147.18 kb
cab006 Stone Top above Base Cabinet with Drawer 121.39 kb
cab007 Base Cabinet with three Drawers 124.27 kb
cab008 Two Drawer Base Cabinet Section 107.18 kb
cab009 Recycling Bin with Flap Door 90.37 kb
cab010 Granite Counter Top above Files 89.54 kb
cab011 Granite Counter Top with Drawer Skirt 86.92 kb
cab012 Granite Counter Top with Drawer Below 92.98 kb
cab013 Upper Cabinet with Soffit Above 123.18 kb
cab014 Upper Cabinet with Soffit Above 122.08 kb
cab015 Upper Cabinet with Task Lighting and Soffit Above 138.42 kb
cab016 Upper Cabinet 108.61 kb
cab017 Upper Cabinet with Illuminated Soffit and Cove Lighting 211.57 kb
cab018 Ceiling Suspended Upper Cabinet with Task Light 144.17 kb
cab019 Built-in Book Case 110.62 kb
cab020 Back to Back Bookcases 132.97 kb
cab021 Display Rack Detail Section 90.21 kb
cab022 Detail at Mail Slots 141.51 kb
cab023 Mail Slots Plan Section 125.16 kb
cab024 Built-in Return Detail 85.94 kb
cab025 Plan Desk Section 102.82 kb
cab026 Section at Display Rack 113.73 kb
cab027 Back to Back Work Counter and Upper Cabinet/Task Light 154.87 kb
cab028 Work Counter and Upper Cabinet/Task Light 132.99 kb
cab029 Counter Section Above File 82.32 kb
cab030 Counter Section atop File 81.92 kb
cab031 TV Shelf Detail 88.25 kb
cab032 Section at Reception Counter 133.07 kb
cab033 Counter Section atop Low Height Wall 105.14 kb
cab034 Low Wall Work Surface and Counter 104.20 kb
cab035 HD Plastic Laminate Finish Shelf 74.29 kb
cab036 Custom Light Table Detail 100.10 kb
cab037 Pass-Through Detail 132.37 kb
cab038 Section at Adjustable Shelving 72.22 kb
cab039 Upper—Lower Cabinet Elevation at Lounge 85.14 kb
cab040 Upper—Lower Cabinet Elevation 71.80 kb
cab041 Base Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves Elevation 74.67 kb
cab042 Base Cabinet Elevation 70.32 kb
cab043 Upper—Lower Cabinet (no sink) Elevation 82.76 kb
cab044 Upper—Lower Cabinet (with sink) Elevation 83.02 kb
cab045 Upper—Lower Cabinet (with center sink) Elevation 84.38 kb
cab046 Mailroom Shelf Detail 77.25 kb
cab047 Work Station with Task Light and Upper Shelves 118.25 kb
cab048 Cabinet Elevation with Sink and Microwave Oven 83.64 kb
cab049 Steel Support Detail at Glazing 74.18 kb
cab050 Work Counter with Overhead Cabinet and Task Light 120.78 kb
cab051 Cabinet above Tall Files 99.72 kb
cab052 Library Shelving with Task Light 110.61 kb
cab053 Full Height Library Shelving 107.43 kb
cab054 Upper Cabinet with Task Lighting 103.41 kb
cab055 Counter Section with Pencil drawer 86.76 kb
CAB056 Bar Section 90.21 kb
CAB057 Transaction/Ticket Counter 82.62 kb
CAB058 Transaction/Ticket Counter Jamb Detail 75.65 kb
CAB059 Transaction/Ticket Counter Glazing Detail 72.94 kb
CAB060 Elevation at Break Room 90.93 kb
CAB061 Barrier Free Break Room Cabinets 88.09 kb
CAB062 Break Room Cabinets 84.27 kb
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