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Description Size
misc001 Wall Base Repair 73.86 kb
misc002 Plumbing Schematics 79.44 kb
misc003 Gyp. Bd. Soffit To Below Ceiling 92.76 kb
misc004 Fascia/Ceiling Ht. Transition 87.46 kb
misc005 Soffit/Ceiling Ht. Transition 84.75 kb
misc006 New Opening in Existing CMU Wall 96.59 kb
misc007 Drawing Approvals Box 67.60 kb
misc008 Typical Outlet Mounting Detail 78.94 kb
misc009 Illuminated Soffit w/Added Directional Lighting 100.63 kb
misc010 Illuminated Ceiling Cove Soffit 89.30 kb
misc011 Illuminated Wall Soffit/Fascia 85.19 kb
misc012 Illuminated Ceiling/Soffit detail 113.94 kb
misc013 Wall Perimeter Illuminated Soffit 84.72 kb
misc014 Vanity illuminated Soffit 91.06 kb
misc015 Exterior Stair Section/Detail 112.09 kb
misc017 Illuminated Vanity & Ceiling 84.41 kb
misc018 Illuminated Soffit Atop Cabinets 96.78 kb
misc019 Illuminated Entry Facade 100.87 kb
misc016 Perimeter Slot Diffuser 83.88 kb
misc020 Transition at Stair Landing 73.39 kb
misc021 Detail at Parapet Cap 88.95 kb
misc022 Detail at Gravel Stop 104.61 kb
misc023 Overflow Scupper Detail 78.17 kb
misc024 Spring Lock Flashing 77.91 kb
misc025 Muffler Exhaust Penetration Detail 101.25 kb
misc026 Muffler Mounting Flashing Detail 89.00 kb
misc027 Low Height CMU Wall Section 111.70 kb
misc028 Bollard (New Construction) 130.90 kb
misc029 Type 2 Bollard 74.34 kb
misc030 Corridor and Interior Lighting 131.45 kb
misc031 Header Detail at Ceiling Transition 94.19 kb
misc032 Recessed Wall Display 117.11 kb
misc038 Exhaust Hood Schematic Detail 92.37 kb
misc033 Reference Shelves and Top 107.59 kb
misc034 “Soft-Forms” Radius Corner 95.97 kb
misc035 Glass Block and Top Cap 83.18 kb
misc036 Glass Block with Transaction Shelf 86.04 kb
misc037 Time Clock Shelf Section 76.85 kb
misc039 Raised Access Floor Door Threshold 88.82 kb
misc040 Typical Column Furring 89.42 kb
misc041 Folding Partition Head Detail 110.85 kb
misc042 Exterior Stair Detail with Handrail Extension 120.82 kb
misc043 Typical Fire Damper 89.81 kb
misc044 Typical Fire-Smoke Damper Detail 91.87 kb
misc045 3 Hour Fire Rated Shutter 238.14 kb
misc046 Steel Wall Guard 77.75 kb
MISC047 Section at Night Drop 75.86 kb
MISC048 Bollard 8” (Retrofit) 113.06 kb
MISC049 Bollard 6” (Retrofit) 142.96 kb
MISC050 Steel Column Wrap 93.15 kb
MISC051 Overhead Door Jamb 89.18 kb
MISC052 Steel Stair Details 78.52 kb
MISC053 Stair Landing Threshold 88.99 kb
MISC054 Alternate Open Stair Riser 69.18 kb
MISC055 Dock Leveler 145.21 kb
MISC056 Dock Bumper detail 83.45 kb
MISC057 Threshold Detail 70.91 kb
MISC058 Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinet 93.89 kb
MISC059 3 Stall Multi-User Restroom Configuration 103.43 kb
Misc059a Multi-User Restroom Elevation “A” 87.70 kb
MISC059B Multi-User Restroom Elevation “B” 90.11 kb
Misc059C Multi-User Restroom Elevation “C” 92.57 kb
Misc059D Multi-User Restroom Elevation “D” 88.15 kb
MISC060 Dropped Ceiling Detail 75.37 kb
MISC061 Bulkhead at Clerestory 83.62 kb
MISC062 Half-Round Display Rail 108.68 kb
MISC063 Half-Round Chair Rail 105.56 kb
MISC064 False Column Elevation 73.77 kb
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