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Description Size
wall001 U465 Typical One Hour Wall Assembly 105.91 kb
wall001a Metal Stud Framing Notes 67.44 kb
wall002 U448 Typical One Hour Wall Assembly 103.74 kb
wall003 Wall Section (6” above finished ceiling) 97.37 kb
wall004 Wall Section (to underside of square edge ceiling) 102.39 kb
wall005 “Add-a-Wall” Two Hour Wall Section 114.25 kb
wall006 Wall Section (to underside of tegular edge ceiling) 97.88 kb
wall007 Sound Attenuating Wall (to 6” above finished ceiling) 108.23 kb
wall008 Low-Height Wall Section 82.65 kb
wall009 Change in Ceiling Height Wall Section 116.50 kb
wall010 Low-Height Wall Section with Finished Wood Cap 93.52 kb
wall011 U412 Two Hour Wall Assembly 116.55 kb
wall012 Pass-Through with Sliding Glass 97.32 kb
wall013 Typical Wall to Beneath Gypsum Board Ceiling 101.07 kb
wall014 Durable CMU Counter Wall 75.92 kb
wall015 Upgrade Existing Partition to One Hour Wall Assembly 94.42 kb
wall015a Upgrade Existing Partition to Sound Attenuation Wall 96.56 kb
wall016 Mullion/Wall Intersection 78.10 kb
wall016a False Mullion/Wall Termination 78.53 kb
wall017 Sound Attenuation/Fire Rated Wall Assembly 224.93 kb
wall018 Planter Box/Low Wall Detail Section 111.86 kb
wall019 Planter Box/Full Height Wall Detail Section 112.81 kb
wall020 Double Low Wall Planter Box 109.80 kb
wall021 Detail at Light Cove 132.29 kb
wall022 Screen Wall Step Detail 86.35 kb
wall023 Full Height CMU reinforced Wall Section 91.67 kb
wall024 Typical Chase Wall Section 103.10 kb
WALL025 Partition with Soffit, Fascia and Soffit 121.48 kb
WALL026 Typical Two Hour Shaft Wall 114.79 kb
WALL027 Two Story CMU/Frame Wall Section 121.35 kb
WALL028 One Hour Wall/Ceiling Tunnel 97.12 kb
WALL029 One Hour Wall/Lid Assembly Around Ductwork 127.05 kb
WALL030 Mullion/Wall Intersection and “Sliver Tile” Detail 110.98 kb
WALL031 Wall/Mullion Intersection 95.06 kb
WALL032 Glass Block with Soffit Above 99.29 kb
WALL033 Glass Block in CMU Wall 112.98 kb
wall034 CMU Entrance (Sign) Wall 127.51 kb
wall035 Non-Bearing Full Height CMU Wall 102.48 kb
wall036 Roof Scupper 178.50 kb
wall037 New Window in Existing CMU Wall 127.71 kb
wall038 Lintel Detail Section 96.92 kb
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