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The details included within Qblocks have been adjusted in scale so that the text in the notes, titles and tags are consistently the same height. By the use of scale factors, many of these details have scale designations such as 3"=1'-0", 3/8"=1'-0" and so on. When a detail is plotted one at a time, or in groups on a single sheet, they can all be inserted at1=1 and then plotted at 1=1. In a similar fashion they could be inserted at a scale factor of 96 and then plotted at 1/8" = 1'-0".

The end result would be the same: Consistency.  QblocksPro iDetails explains in simple step by step terms.







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(Only identifying project data has been removed)

Graphic reference guide

QblocksPro iDetails has a graphic reference guide to make finding the right CAD detail, note, legend or symbol easy and fast. Check out one of the "AllSym" drawing files to the left or download the file below.

Save time and find the exact detail you want with the Illustrated Companion Book at: 

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