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Why should I buy the book when I can just download the CAD details for free?


The book will help you work with the details and provides a graphic reference guide to find what you need quickly and efficiently. Why waste your time with trial and error opening various files when they are all right there in the book - easy to find.
As people who design and draw for a living; we take Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright) pretty seriously. We believe that you do also.

Just like you, we expect compensation for our work, and have very little doubt that those interested in these details would hesitate to purchase a published copy of QblocksPro iDetails and obtain license for use at the very modest retail price.


Are these drawings intended for use in my professional construction drawings?


Absolutely Yes.

The Sheets, Details, Notes, Legends and Symbols within Qblocks have been used by Architects and Designers throughout the United States thousands of times for 20 years. Pick Here to see an example of an actual permitted project utilizing Qblocks (only the identifying project data has been changed).  



Can I change the pen colors and font styles easily?


Yes, simply modify the Q_DNA.DWG file to your preferences, and use this as a template (or simply insert this modified block first into a drawing). Then when you insert the other Qblocks Details, Symbols, Notes or Legends; they will all inherit the properties you choose.  We call it "Drawing DNA"



Are the drawings to scale?


Yes, at a common print scale of 1 to 1. Insert the CAD blocks in paper space and they print correctly at 1 to 1. Insert a detail to a 1/4" plotted drawing with an insertion scale of 48 and again, they print correctly. Template drafting sets scales for great flexibility.



How will I know what scale factor to insert a detail?


The illustrated companion book QblocksPro iDetails has a handy scale conversion chart to make it easy. The CAD details can be scaled as needed to fit your needs. The "PlanPacs" symbols even come pre-scaled for you!



Can I use these details in my commercial drawings?


Yes, all those who purchase QblocksPro iDetails have license to use, modify and incorporate these details into their own work - we want you to use the details, notes, symbols and legends  to save you time and make you happy.


Can more than one person use the details when I buy the book?


Each person that owns a published QblocksPro iDetails has license to use the AutoCAD details and drawing files. If two people wish to use the details, each would need to have purchased a separate copy of QblocksPro iDetails which is readily available at Amazon and other distributors.

Save time and find the exact detail you want with the Illustrated Companion Book at: 

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