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Qblocks is a family of details, symbols, legends notes and other commercial drawings. The actual AutoCAD drawing files from the book are provided for download on the web. These CAD drawing files are available for download anytime for those who have purchased the illustrated companion book “QblocksPro iDetails”. “QblocksPro iDetails” has as it’s focus on commercial interior drawings with an illustrated guide to electronic template drafting using Qblocks CAD drawings, notes, legends and symbols. The CAD drawings available have literally been used uncounted thousands of times across the United States in producing high quality design, permit and construction drawings. QblocksPro iDetails has an image of each detail for easy visual reference with complete instructions for use of Qblocks and template drafting efficiently. The download website is noted within the book.



The Qblocks Library is not a compiler; the drawings are pre-drawn for you. As you use the library it is important that any modifications that are made to the details be saved and filed in a similar fashion to those included in the package (See Section 3: Customizing your Qblocks Library). In this way, Qblocks will grow, and become more specialized as time passes. Maintaining a common standard allows multiple licensed Qblocks users to share details drawings.

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